My name is Amanda Spies du Plessis a writer from South Africa

amanda  spies du plessis writer

Amanda du Plessis

  • I was born in South Africa as Amanda du Plessis (Spies)
  • Amanda is a middle child
  • I have an older and a younger sister
  • Mother of 2 daughters
  • Grand mother of 2 Grandchildren – a boy and a girl


  • I love cooking and practice to perfect French, Chinese and Italian dishes.
  • I love to watch Dr. Quinn medicine woman, documentaries and Grace and Frankie
  • I listen to Country music,Cliff Richard and Queen
  • I partake in Parkrun, Volkspele (folk dancing) Meditation, Taichi, Yoga and Jane Fonda exercise videos.
  • I love going to the theatre, the botanical gardens and the library
  • I’m totally into DIY house and garden renovations
  • I try new things all the time

Amanda du Plessis

  • I joined the South African Police directly after school and served my country for 9 years.
  • Amanda worked as personal assistant for more than 10 years.
  • I worked as journalist and later as editor for a local Newspaper
  • I also worked as journalist for a national tabloid.

List of personal posts

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