5 Songs about true stories

5 Songs about true stories

5 Songs about true stories with lyrics that touched our heart and soul. Behind these songs are real people and these are their stories.

Songs that tell a story

There are countless songs with story telling lyrics especially country songs that are notorious for the stories they tell – some sad, some happy, others inspirational.

5 Songs about true stories

Eric Clapton – Tears in Heaven

When Connor Clapton the 4 year old son of Eric Clapton fell out of a windown and died the Singer was devestated. He isolated himself to grief his beloved son. While in isolation he wrote the beautiful song which was also used in the movie Rush.

Sylvia’s Mother – Dr Hook

Sylvia was indeed a real woman and the singer Shel Silverstein was madly in love with her. He wrote the song after Sylvia went away. He then phoned her Mother who told him that Sylvia left him and no longer wants to see him.

Tom Dooley – Thomas Land

The song Tom Dooley originated from the 1866 murder of a woman named Laura Foster in North Carolina. The man who murdered her and her unborn child was her lover. He brutally stabbed her to death and was given the death penalty for her murder. The name of the murderer was Tom Dula with his last name pronounced ads Dooley. The song is still a folk song in Carolina.

Horatio G. Spafford – It is well with my soul

When the only son of Horatio died at the tender age of 4, Horatio put his wife and 4 daughters on a ship for a vacation. He was supposed to join them at a later stage. Tragedy struck and all 4 of his daughters drowned when the ship went under. He immediately got on the first ship to console his grief stricken wife. While passing the place where his daughters died he wrote the song that are still being sung so many years later.

I walk the line – Johnnie Cash

Johnny wrote the song as a promise to his first wife Vivian to remain faithful while he was on the road. He had several affairs and eventually divorced her and married June. He and June were married for more than 40 years.

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