Behind the website name

behind the website name

Behind the website name Let’s make tea is a story to be told.

Thinking about a name

When I decided to get my own website, I wanted something that mean something as I wanted a website with content that uplift people, bring cultures together and give hope for a better tomorrow for all. While I do have an Afrikaans website with my name in it, my English website had to have an International reach. I had a couple of website names in mind, however nothing sounded right or had already been taken.

I love tea

Yes, tea is one of my favorite drinks and I thought about something along the lines of a tea club, tea party but nothing had the right ring to it. Remember it had to incorporate my idea of bringing hope, peace and love together. A tea party sounded like a comical political party so I ditched that name. Still, my thought process was that when people sit around a table discussing things, they normally drink tea while listening and participating.

Back to the drawing board

I started by going on Google and typing in tea, peace, hope in no particular order. While playing with words, I typed into the search engine the words: make tea not war and bingo. I came across an article about a poster about the war in Iraq. The poster read: Make Tea Not War. Stop The War Coalition. I also came across a couple of articles about peace talks that involves drinking tea together.

I was on the right track and very excited and then disaster. The name was already taken so I played around with a couple of names and all the names had been taken. Three days later, I visited a friend and she said: let’s make tea. The name sounded just right and that same evening after returning home, I searched to see if it was available and to my delight it said: this domain name is available. So I bought it there and then.

The meaning

Let’s make tea , be kind make peace, give hope says everything about the website. We sit down, have a cup of tea and take about things that matter and uplift. So join me for a cup of tea!

Amanda Spies du Plessis is the writer and owner of Let’s make tea
as well as the Afrikaans website Amandaskrywer.
Send an e-mail to amandadups(@) or go to the contact page and leave a message.

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