Crash BOOM Bang!

boom website crashed

Website Let’s make tea crashed

I launched my website Let’s make tea on 1 September 2019 and crashed after a technical issue.

After months and months of planning, designing and writing my proud and joy went live. A very proud moment indeed. I then had to go back and correct some things, add some Afrikaans language pages and do SEO optimizing.

Another launch

Finally on 8 September 2019, Let’s make tea was back on the air with a few Afrikaans pages included. SEO was working well and google analytics started working. Another great moment in my website history.

English is my second language

While English is my second language, Afrikaans is my mother tongue language. When I started my website, I wanted to write in both languages and thought that I could just mix the two on one website. Within 2 weeks, I realized that it would just confuse my readers so decided to create two different websites, both with mostly different content.

A new baby is on the way

Work started on the Afrikaans website on 16 September 2019 and so I decided to keep as the main English website. While I did play around with the idea of buying another domain for the Afrikaans website, I decided to rather create a subdomain website. My reasoning is that Amanda is at the center of both and while they are written in 2 different languages, they do compliment each other. So was born

I crash landed

Both websites are build on WordPress and so I got things a bit messed up. I have never built a website on a subdomain before and so made a few technical mistakes. It should have been a proud moment when my Afrikaans website went live, however the Let’s make tea English one crashed nose first. I then had to start all over again. Luckily everything was backed up on the server.

I’m alive – again

Finally on 22 September 2019 at 6.30pm both Afrikaans and English websites were successfully launched. Success!

English name: Let’s make tea
Afrikaans name: Amanda

Maybe you would like to see the process of the website, which you can read more about on the latest page.

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