rights and privacy

It is necessary to clear the air so to speak so take a break and sip your tea while reading this. I’ll try to make it fun but informative.

The website Lets make tea

This website is for general information purposes only. Please do not rely on anything you read here. You visit this website at your own risk.

The Author

That would be me Amanda. I am not a Doctor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Legal Adviser, Counselor or Politician so anything I say here are not a Professional opinion. Please consult a Professional because I’m not one. I speak from my heart


I’m just as concerned about my privacy on the Internet as you are about yours so I will not sell any of your information including your Name and/or email address to anyone – not even for a million dollars.


Yes this website make use of cookies (no silly, not the real life baked ones)


I work very hard to put authentic content on my website – yes writing is hard work

Please don’t take my stuff and copy/paste/post it anywhere else without asking first. Just send an email to me with your request. I will not bite your head off – I promise. You are welcome to link to my work though.

Social Media

By now you would have noticed that I do not have any Social media accounts associated with this website which is my personal choice for now. I do not hate anybody who do but for now it is not my thing. It may or may not change in the future.

The End – almost

Well, I tried to keep it as short as positive. Now that you have finished sipping your tea you can go ahead and explore and enjoy my website.

Have a nice day!

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