Dreaming your life away

dreaming your life away

Day dreaming can be a good thing to some extend but it could also harm your health and life.

I’m dreaming my life away

A friend once told me that her life feels like she’s riding in a car in the backseat, watching through the rear window how her life passes by. Sad but true for many. Sometimes people use it because they hate their lives and don’t know how to create the life they want so they then rather daydream.

I have been there

My husband passed away when I was 28 years old. I was left behind with 2 girls and many times day dreaming became a coping mechanism when things got tough. I went into day dreaming to create a better life albeit a fake one. That was long before I took the steering wheel and took charge.

My post take of the band aid deals with emotional pain while Three generations of single parents is my personal journey as the 3rd generation Mother raising kids on her own as well as that of my Mother and Grandmother.

It’s only a temporary solution

When you are constantly daydreaming you are not handling anything, you are not coping, you are just hiding from your pain and responsibility. Yes, it is your responsibility to take control of your life. When you go into the dark side of daydreaming, it can be harmful to your mental health. When you get back to reality, the pain is still there, the problems is still there and your unfulfilled dreams are still there.

Not all daydreaming are bad

Sometimes daydreaming can be helpful and problem solving when you are struggling with a life changing decision. While I am now in the driver seat of my life, I do still daydream for short times every now and then when I’m feeling hurt. It helps me to better soothe myself.

I also daydream to find solutions to challenges I am facing in my life.

Balance is the key when dealing with daydreaming so that you are not dreaming your life away.

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