Fighting the spiders

fighting the spiders

Fighting the spiders in our lives and homes seems obvious – or not

Spiders characteristics

Spiders are 8 legged creatures, some of them tiny and some of them huge. They come in different shapes, colors and sizes and can pitch up anywhere in our homes, even our beds or on is.

People and spiders

Most people are scared of spiders and fighting the spiders become a way of daily life with grown women and men jumping on tables to escape their clutches while also screaming at the top of their lungs. Others domesticate them and play with them like a pet dog or cat.

Spiders and me

Spiders are part of my house. I used to kill them whenever they made an entry but now I just let them live. Some of them I carry outside and let them free while others stay inside. They don’t bother me and I don’t bother them. I do however remove all the spiders from my bedroom so I can sleep peacefully at night with both eyes closed.

Fighting spiders

Anyone who have tried to overpower a spider knows how challenging it can be especially if you are trying to keep yourself as well as the spider alive. I like those spider catchers with the long handles – they are harmless to the spiders and great to the person operating.

Save the spiders

We all know about the extinction of animals but I was shocked when I read about how insects and spiders are very fast becoming extinct and the role they play in the preservation of the planet. The documentary opened my eyes and therefore I’m trying to do my part to save these creatures and No I do not keep them as pets. I’m not that brave.

Mental spiders

Oh yes there are also mental spiders. They keep us in fear to go forward and live our best lives. Fear paralyzes and hurt us. It is time to take off the band aid and start living and turn fear into triumph.

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