Give people hope

give people hope

Faith, Hope and Love goes hand in hand and while all three are important, it is Hope that I think is often minimalised. However I believe that if you give people Hope, you give them a reason to live, to try again, to move forward.

Give people hope

Just the other day a guy drove to his Psychiatric hospital and shot himself in the parking lot. The reason for his suicide is unknown but one thing is sure: He was without hope.

Medical Professionals

I understand that medical professionals work according to what they were taught. However I believe that more can be done. I think they mostly do a wonderful job with some doing more than are expected from them.

A family doctor diagnosed a 25 year old family member with spondolosis and this Doctor just said there is nothing I can do for you. You have the back of an eighty year old and didn’t give her any hope. She perceived it as a death sentence. Luckily we have the Internet with people that offer support and info that do give hope.

Ordinary people

We all have a responsibility to live a life of hope and to to give others hope. Whether it is an illness, poverty, jobless and homeless people. We need to always end our conversation with them on a positive note by giving them hope.

We need hope

People thrive on hope. You might be a job seeker and even if you have been rejected numerous times, you have to keep going and hold out hope. Just think about the Beatles who were rejected 14 times before they got a record deal. They didn’t give up hope. Susan Boyle was rejected for most of her life until the age of 47 when finally she achieved her dreams.

When my husband died, I held onto hope that things will get better and that I would be able to raise my two girls to adulthood. We all need hope, why not give it to others who also need it?


There are a beautiful article about faith, hope and love that gives more insight. I also wrote a post on Show love, give hope, make peace.

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