Happy being me

happy being me not fame and fortune

The other night I was watching videos online and a video was suggested to me about how celebrities are followed by paparazzi everywhere they go and I was forever happy being me.

I want to be famous

This is the dream of many kids growing up. I was no exception. I idolized the rich and the famous. It seemed such a great life to live. People adore every thing you do and every move you make. You get free gifts, first class airplane tickets, tons of people to help you and even dress you. Then there is the shows you attend, the glamorous designer dresses, the celebrity boyfriend while also having all the money in the world.

The downside

When you strip all the bling away, there aren’t much left though. Many famous people are miserable while others slip into obscurity. The fame quickly becomes a burden for many. There is the constant paprazzi everywhere you go watching and snapping every move. You are scrutinized for your weight, your mothering, your lifestyle. Many of them loose their sight of reality.

Even worse

I watch Meghan Markle trying to find her feet in Royalty and that can’t be easy. You fall in love with a Prince with all the added benefits however you also become victim to the cruelty of the public and the media. Imagine not being able to say what you want to say while you are trying to cope.

The upside

There are however some celebrities who thrive through all of the above. They find a balance between private and public life and continue to live their lives to the fullest while coping with the negative side of it. Good for them.

Then there’s me

I no longer wish to be famous and I no longer want an endless money supply. I do not want to go to town fighting my way through people just to buy milk and bread. I also do not want to loose my humanity. I’m happy to be me and I love my life.

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