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This is Amanda from Let’s make tea. Many moons ago (the year 2000 to be exact), I joined the World wide web with Internet access at home (remember dial-up?) after surfing the Internet in Internet cafes foralmost two years. I’m not sure if it makes me an Internet veteran or extinct.

“I am I said – Neil Diamond”

amanda du plessis

Here I am stuck in the middle with me, myself and I.

Anyway for about 10 years I joined several website email lists, chat rooms and also forums. I always had the desire to create my own website. Well, I actually did create a few personal websites but did it in a way to make money off it. I didn’t however have a real passion for and I didn’t really enjoy it.

When social media came along, Facebook for that matter, I turned my back on personal websites for a while and spend most of my time engaging on Facebook and then also Twitter.

Amanda from Lets make tea

While I did turn away from my own personal websites, I never stopped surfing and enjoying the Internet and in 2018 I decided to once again create my own personal space on the Internet by buying the domain name Lets make tea, only this time I have the desire to share my real life stories, my view points and use my voice to make a difference in this world.

I like to put words on paper or on a digital platform. I also like to engage and talk to people (and animals) and myself. So what better way than to have my own dedicated piece (website) on the Internet?

You might ask why my website is called Let’s make tea so I’ll go ahead and tell you why. When I started playing with the idea of creating my own website in 2018, I decided that the main purpose would be to say what I want to say , when I want to say it and how I want to say it. I then thought about how most of my conversations with others starts around a cup of tea, even discussions, debates, stories, everything evolves around a cup of tea.

Tea calms down nerves, better moods and just tastes good and with my website, I tend to give hope, show love and make peace while doing my part to bring awareness and even laughter to worthwhile topics.

Welcome to my world. Let’s make tea and start talking.

If you want to know more about me Amanda and my website Let’s make tea visit my about page.

The man behind the Internet is Tim Berners-Lee

Amanda or AMS as some call me.

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