I have never traveled outside Africa

I have never travelled outside Africa

I have never traveled outside Africa and that’s the truth. Believe it or not. Lack of finances. I’m more of an armchair traveler.

I have traveled in Africa

When I was a youngster we traveled a lot by train as my Father was a train driver so we could travel for free. Therefore I had the privilege to visit Zimbabwe, Angola, Namibia. While I was very young at the time, I can remember bits and pieces like the sand dunes in Namibia and the Victoria waterfalls in Zimbabwe. The train rides were the most exiting. I loved it.

The world

When I grew up back in the day, my whole world existed out of 3 nearby towns. Most of the children in my school had similar experiences. It was only later on that I realized that the world was actually much bigger. There were the few rich kids who went to places like Mauritius.

Traveling through Encyclopedias and the Atlas

Before the Internet we explored the world through Encyclopedias and the world Atlas and everything seemed so far away and unreachable.

Traveling through the Internet

The Internet brought the world a bit closer although for many of us traveling abroad is still just a dream because of the lack of finances.

Armchair traveling

This is something I enjoy to do. There are a few travel vlogs that I follow on YouTube that allowed me to travel to far away places.

Daze with Jordan the Lion takes you around America where I get to visit the museums and homes of diseased celebrities, film locations, crime scenes and much more.

The Tim Traveler takes me around Frances where we visit small towns, the country side and also Paris. Through his lens I see the beauty of France, the people and even get to ride a train with him. One of my favorite vlogs.

Have you traveled abroad or are you also into armchair traveling?

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