Morals and values

morals and values

Morals and values form the characteristics of a person and the lack of it shows that they will fall for anything.


During my work life I had Bosses and co-workers that I can put into 3 groups which shows their true colors and character:

  • Those with strong morals and values
  • Those with no morals and values
  • Others who pretend to have morals and values


My Mother and Grandmother instilled into us how important it was and still is to have strong morals and values and to never let go of them.

People with strong morals and values will stand by and with them no matter what. For instance: The Bookkeeper of a company has financial difficulty and have access to loads of money and the means to fraud the books. It would be very tempting to help themselves to some of the company money however someone with good morals and values won’t even give it a single thought. They would rather take a second or third job while staying true to their believes.


These type of people won’t even hide it. They don’t care about ethical behavior at all. They will walk right over you to get what they want and they have no regrets. They are brutal but true to themselves and their lack of morals and values. For instance: two co-workers are in line for promotion. Worker 1 has a strong believe system while Worker 2 has none. Worker 2 will do whatever it takes to get the promotion he or she wants. This worker will lie, steal and hurt to get their way and they do not think twice about the pain they cause.


These group are actually very manipulative and not always easy to spot. We all know someone like this. They pretend to share the same value system as the first group but on the first challenge they fall. For instance: Let’s call this person Worker 3. Worker 3 think highly of Worker 1 and also try to keep a value system however someone tries to bribe them and although they might feel a little guilty, they accept the bribe because they needed the money and feel they didn’t have a choice.

You always have a choice

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