Open letter to Ukraine

open letter to ukraine

Open letter to Ukraine from a friend in South Africa. This is just a humble way to reach out and support war torn Ukraine.

Dear Ukrainian people

On 24 February 2022 I sat down with my morning coffee to watch the news on my laptop before starting my day. I gasped for air when I saw that Russia invaded Ukraine. Like others I didn’t think war could break out in the 21st century. While I did hear the rumors I just brushed it off as impossible.

Words cannot describe my emotions as the images and videos of war in your country appeared on my computer screen. I cannot imagine the pain and hurt that you the Ukrainians must feel. People running for their lives with children and pets. The attack on the Maternity Hospital in Mariupol had me in tears. Being pregnant is such a special time in any woman’s life.

Keep the faith Ukrainian people. You will be victorious and free

You the Ukrainian People are strong. Everyday miracles happen before our eyes right there in Ukraine like the woman pulled from the rubble – alive. I am so proud of you – the citizens of Ukraine. You are showing the world what it means to stand together. Ukraine is rising from the ashes – standing tall and steadfast. Showing the world who and what Ukrainians are. I cannot help but think about the World’s biggest crossword on the building in Lviv. What a special country you live in. You are in my heart and in prayers and in my Garden I planted sunflowers in your honour. While the South African Government are standing on the sideline (Sorry about that), there are many South Africans who support you.

Supporting the Ukrainian people

To anyone who want to help and support the Ukrainian People here are a few ways you can lend a hand.


UNICEF – The world humanitarian organisation

Ukrainians in Ukrainian

Here are a few YOUTUBE channels of Ukrainians to watch.

  • Pavlo in Ukraine – before the war he showed off the beauty of Ukraine. Now he keep diary of living through war
  • Olga Reznikova – A Ukrainian woman showing and telling us about Ukraine.
  • Operator Starsky – Ukrainian soldier on the frontline keeping us informed

Write to the Ukrainian Ambassador in your Country

While I cannot list all the Ukrainian Ambassadors here is the Ukrainian Ambassador for South Africa. You will find the Ukrainian Ambassador in your Country by going to your Government website or you can google it.

With this open letter to Ukraine I wish to show my support

May God bless Ukraine

Amanda Spies du Plessis is the writer and owner of Let’s make tea
as well as the Afrikaans website Amandaskrywer.
Send an e-mail to amandadups(@) or go to the contact page and leave a message.

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