Raise your cup of tea

Happy new year to everyone. Before you pop the champagne, let me just get my cup of wholesome tea. We are in the middle of the second wave of COVID 19 here in South Africa and all liquor has been banned. No buying, selling or drinking liquor since the middle of December 2020. The reason for the liquor ban is that people get drunk, get into fights and then occupy hospital beds that then place an unnecessary burden on the already stressed to capacity hospitals due to the pandemic. So join me to raise your cup of tea

Tea is the new champagne

My choice for my tea for the new year is native to South Africa: Rooibos. The leaves are harvest from the foot of Table mountain in Cape Town. Rooibos is free from caffeine and is classified as a health tea. Rooibos tea is delicious with or without milk. I drink it without sugar. A bit of honey with a squeeze of lemon without milk is how I start my day. Rooibos is also ideal as basis for ice tea on a hot day.

The year that didn’t happen

When we celebrated the start of 2020 the expectation were high for a new year with new opportunities, happiness and new beginnings. It proofed to be a false start. A virus decided to lock everybody inside their homes in isolation and pause the world.

There are always hope

2021 started slowly with much anticipation of what this year will bring. Great uncertainty. While nobody can put a date to when life will return to normal, you can be sure of one thing. Nothing goes on forever. There will come a time when this too shall pass. Take care of yourself and your loved ones and may 2021 be a better year with good health, strong family ties and faith.

Amanda Spies du Plessis is the writer and owner of Let’s make tea
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