Read something every day

read something every day

My Grandma used to say: Read something every day and you’ll never be poor.


Back in the days, before the Internet and Television, people used to read. My Grandma told met that she kept up to date with the news by reading old newspapers thrown in the trash or wrapped around fish and chips. She and her family were poor in money but rich in reading and knowledge and that kept her from loosing hope for a better future.


World read out loud day was celebrated around the world and being an avid reader, I devoted a few hours to read to the young ones at my local library. I were pleasantly surprised at some of the very enthusiastic young readers while simultaneously being disappointed at so many kids and adults who never picks up a magazine of book.


I am so pro library and gets very excited about everything about libraries. I make a point so sometimes just walk through the library – exploring. It’s almost like conducting a treasure hunt and I’m never disappointed. The library gives you access to entertainment through love and adventure stories, it also has books to heal your broken heart and soul and to feel good about yourself. There are also history books about your country and others, different cultures around the world and also religious books.

Many people can’t afford to buy books, however libraries are free to join and you get the chance to explore the world without spending any money.


Another treasure trove is second hand book stores where you can pick up books at a fraction of the price. I can spend hours in these stores.


There are really no excuse for not reading. There are only pros to reading no cons. Reading enriches your soul, gives you knowledge and entertainment and feeds your brain and did I mention that you can never be lonely when you have a book in your hand?


There are so many things to read – magazines, newspapers, comic strips, books and you can read it in book form or via digital devices. Once you start, you will have a hard time stopping.

I love reading do You?


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