Save Karyn Book review

This is an independent Save Karyn book review

Save Karyn is a true life shopaholic’s journey to debt and back written by Karyn Bosnak the woman behind it all.

Save Kary Book review

“I pulled out my Amex, and swipe, sign, it was mine”

Why Save Karyn the book?

First of all Save Karyn is a true story, somewhat magical almost unbelievable. A why didn’t I think about it? This all happened during the early Internet years before social media. It makes for rather compelling reading. You will cry and laugh while also feeling empathy for the writer as well as thinking; How on earth did you get yourself in such a mess?

About the book Save Karyn:

Save Karyn was first published in 2004 in London. It is in paperback and consist out of 443 pages. It is written in easy to read and understand bite sized English.


Karyn Bosnak, the woman behind Save Karyn, has since written another book 20 times a lady which were turned into a movie Whatt’s your number with Anna Farris in the leading role.

Her website can be found at:

Her Instagram:


She turned into an avid pet photographer and seems to doing rather well for herself. While the movie rights for Save Karyn has been bought, the movie have not yet been made which is rather sad.

How long did it take me to read through the Save Karyn book?

It took me only one day.
I couldn’t put the book down once I started reading it. I happily sipped wine and eating chocolate while reading one page after another.

My overall view of the book

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I joined the Internet community in 2000 and as a result while surfing the Internet, I stumbled upon Karyn’s website.

Karyn Bosnak was drowning in debt when she started a website asking strangers to help her pay off her debt. I had the privilege to be part of the hype and as a result, kept track with Karyn until she finally paid off her debt and also the excitement of her first book.

Her writing style is very humorous and entertaining and I think her humor helped her to convince strangers to give her $1 each to pay off her debt. It was a genius idea at the time and while many followed her example, few have been as successful.

Would I recommend this book?

A thousand times yes.

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