Some changes to the website

Some changes to the website

Some changes to the website. A new year is a good time to reflect and make changes where needed. Try out new things.


I decided that I still like the Marlin theme so I will keep it. However I changed a few things. Mostly the colors. The background was changed to a light gray to compliment the white and blue of the page. The logo was kept the same – for now. That might change in the near future though. Where the previous color theme were different shades of blue, I decided to try out a lighter color scheme while still keeping some blue and a touch of yellow in the logo.


I added a few plugins and short codes to ad some more features. The biggest change is the installation of the Jetpack plugin. This opened up some welcome features like a hit counter, comment enhancers and more.

Structural changes

I took some pages down and combined them with others to clean up and get rid of unnecessary clutter. So you will see that both the top and bottom menus have changed a bit. Therefore your favorite articles might not be at the same place anymore. It is still there however. The whole idea was to simplify everything.

Other changes

Another major change is the Newsletter. I decided to switch to the basic WordPress subscribtion which sends out automatic notifications whenever I post something new. Someone introduced to the subscriber as well as the wordpress reader which I found to be very helpful.

I also finally got a Gravatar after postponing it for some time. My WordPress profile was updated and I think it look kind of nice.

O and before I forget, I opened up the comment section so you guys can now also leave comments on the posts. A like button was also added.

What do you all think of the changes?

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