Some people are addicted to wealth

some people are addicted to wealth

Some people are addicted to wealth while many are fame hungry too and won’t let anyone or anything stand in their way to get more.

Humble beginnings

None of us want to live in poverty. There is nothing wrong with ambition. My Parents were both poverty stricken when they were children. They lived through World war 2 and the great depression. Food, jobs and money were scarce. They had to work very hard just to put food on the table every day. My Father got a State Government job at the South African railways where he worked himself up to a senior train driver. My Mother left school at age 15 to support her family. She married my Father when she was 23. She then became a housewife while my Father continued his job on the railways. They wanted to be able to buy a basic house and take care of their children. They achieved that. Their desire were never to be the richest person in the world. They were happy and proud with what they achieved.

Most people from previous generations had similar experiences. Younger generations decided it wasn’t enough to just live day by day. Nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself.

More and more

Somewhere down the years people became greedy. They wanted a second car, then a 3rd car, a bigger house in a wealthy area, a holiday home. The best cellphone money can buy. Clothes from boutiques. The demands got bigger and bigger. Nothing matter more than having more things and more money. It is just never enough. They want to work less for more money. Personal loans they can’t pay back. Huge debts. It never stops. More,more,more


However when you speak to these wealth hungry people, they are empty inside. Everything evolves around wealth and fame. It’s sickening to watch the decline. I’d rather live in my humble basic home and be happy and be a member who adds value to the community than be rich or pretend to be and be full of emptiness. My hope for the world is that we will take stock of what is really important in life and go back to live productive lives with the emphasis on humanity and not on wealth.

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