Special day for love – Valentines

Every year on 14 February we celebrate a special day for love. It has become one of the most commercialized days of the year with people spending tons of money on the person they love or admire.

special day for love


My late husband was not the most romantic man on the planet and I used to envy the women who got spoiled rotten on Valentine’s day however my husband once said to me: “Would you rather have one day of love, respect and care or every day of being treated like the special woman you are?” It made me think: He was a generous, loving and caring man who showed his love by bringing me coffee in bed, making sure that my car was always in tip top condition, helping around the house and so much more.


The first Valentine’s day after his death, my children were 6 and 4 and I felt very vulnerable on this special day for love. I then decided to make the day about loving our children so I made a special dinner with food the kids liked to eat, some chocolate treats and a gift for them. It gave me immense pleasure to transform this lovers day into a special day for love – of any kind.


Whenever people tell me that they don’t have a Valentine, I tell them to rather use the day to celebrate all types of love whether it be love between lovers, parents and children, love between siblings or even your love for your pets. Hugs and kisses are important not just between lovers but between all people and animals.

if all else fails, you can always buy yourself a box of chocolates, set the table for one, write yourself a card of appreciation and give yourself a big hug for being an amazing human being.

Valentine’s day is about love – not all the bells and whistles, glitz and glamour. It don’t have to cost you an arm or leg to give hugs and kisses. Happy Valentine’s day!


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