The past year

Reflection on the past year

Reflecting on the past year

The past year were a mixed pot of highs and lows, fun and fear, love and hate as well as successes and challenges.

The choice is mine and yours

New Year resolutions means absolutely nothing if you are not willing to do the hard work to claim success. I can say I want to loose weight, however it is up to me to stick to an eating plan and do exercise, otherwise nothing will happen. Talk is cheap, it is doing what it takes that matters most.

I made a choice

While my year didn’t start off on the right foot, I made the decision that my year would be a good year and I put pedal to the medal and drove myself this year. I took the time to make a visualization board of what I would like to achieve and put the board up on my bedroom wall. Every three months I took inventory of where I succeeded, where I lacked enthusiasm and where I needed to work on more.

Fast forward 12 months, I can say with honesty that it worked for me and that this year was my most successful year since I can remember.

My biggest success this year

I have finally learned to trust my own decisions and instincts and to say no and to stand my ground. It didn’t go down well with everyone, with some people thinking I’ve lost my mind, on medication and even arrogant and selfish. I even had to say bye to people

This quote sums it up rather truthfully:

I lost myself while trying to please everyone else
Now I’m loosing everyone while I’m finding myself

While not everyone shared my happiness on finding my own voice, those who stood by me through this journey proofed their loyalty and they deserve to stay in my life.

New experiences

I attended a gardening class, several cooking classes, arts and crafts workshops, reconnecting with my culture and I even went on a week long Celebrating Amanda road trip. For a whole week I spend time with only me while undertaking adventures all on my lonesome but happy self. I also found my writers feet and published an Afrikaans and English website with my writings.


I won’t change this year for anything. It was a bumper wonderful happy year. I love my new freedom and life

There’s more

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