Top 10 posts of 2021

Top 10 posts of 2021

Top 10 posts of 2021 that were visited and read during the 12 month period. Compiled from Google analytics report. This gives us a good idea of what posts are most popular.

1. Stop talking

It might seem extreme, I know, however talking about yourself, your family, your life and/or everything else don’t help you – it harms you and will one day come back to bite you.

2. Stepping out of victim mentality means freedom

Stepping out of victim mentality means freedom to become the real you. Staying the victim holds you back from achieving your goals and dreams.

3. Unethical people can destroy you

Unethical people can destroy you. We all know someone who scheme their way through life. They are ruthless and self centered.

4. Voting in South Africa

South Africa’s national and provincial elections take place every five years.

5. Animals come out to play

Animals come out to play during lockdown. Animals that were thought to have vanished from the earth due to extinction made a comeback while humans were locked inside their homes.

6. Industrial areas

Industrial areas are a sore eye. Well most of the time it is. In fact I have never seen an industrial area that is beautified. Whenever I drive through my local industrial area, I feel a bit sad.

7. Oh my everything is so French

Oh my everything is so French. Everywhere you go, read and do have something France attached to it. Fries, manicure, kiss. You name it. France have it all, or do they?

8. The dangers of oversharing

Oversharing is when you share more information than needed therefore many times we will overshare without anyone asking us.

9. Three generations of single parenting

Single parenting is certainly not the easiest job. I come from 3 generations of single Mothers.

10. Act your age

Right through my life, I heard the dreadful words: “Please act your age”

Bonus statistics

The most read Top 10 posts are not always the ones with the lowest bounce rates. However this time they are. Here are the posts with the lowest bounce rates:

1. Three generations of single parenting

This is the story about my Grandmother, My Mother and me. All three of us became single parents at a young age.

2. Stop talking

Somewhere down the line a trusted friend/family member, co-worker or even your partner might just decide to divulge everything you told he or her in confidence.

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