Using your voice

using your voice for good

With so much going on in the world and in our personal lives, we can turn our back or speak up. The question is how? Using your voice doesn’t just mean speaking in front of a crowd, demonstrating and protesting. Some people love doing exactly that. Me however don’t believe in violence or forcing my believes on others.

Use your voice to sing

Michael Jackson comes to mind. Many of his music were about protesting in an entertaining way with music. Man in the mirror, Heal the world are just two of his famous songs with lyrics that speak to the world. Even after his death, his music and message of kindness and healing will live on for generations to come.

Using your voice through art

This is a way of expressing yourself about things that matter without saying a word. Think about the sculptor, the artist with his paint brush. Banky’s art is world renowned. Through paintings artists like Keith Haring, Jacob Lawrence make their voices heard by depicting racism, war.

Use your voice in drama and comedy

A more vocal using of their voices. Actors, Actresses, Comedians use their unique skills to speak out about things that matter to them. Jimmy Kimmel, Trevor Noah, Bruce Lee to name just a few.

Use your voice through writing

This is where I feel most comfortable in speaking up. I write letters to people, or articles etc. Some might say this genre is also a somewhat silent medium as many writers are in the background. Max du Preez, a South African journalist used his writing to protest about Apartheid. There are many others. Think about the investigative and war journalists who risk life and limb to bring us the truth.

Everyone can make themselves heard. Maybe you want a voice to speak out about domestic abuse, incest, sexual abuse or anything else you are passionate about. You just need to find your voice. My voice is through writing.

Amanda Spies du Plessis is the writer and owner of Let’s make tea
as well as the Afrikaans website Amandaskrywer.
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