Website map for Let’s make tea

website map let's make tea

Some changes occurred when renovating the website. To understand better, a detailed description were put together so you do not get lost on Let’s make tea. It is much like puzzle pieces that together gives you the complete picture.

Blog page

There are no blog page. The posts are divided into different pages and listed on the specific page. This is much easier to find and see all the posts in a certain category. With a blog page posts get lost in the archive folder. The way Amanda prefers it is a bit old school however it works great.

Website map for Let’s make tea

There are two menu’s. The top menu above the logo and the bottom menu just under the logo


  • Home: This might seem self explanatory however for those wandering you press the home button to go back to the front page.
  • Amanda: This is a page about the author of this website as well as all personal posts by Amanda
  • Newsletter: Here you can read more about the mailing list /newsletter and signup details.
  • Website: On this page you will find all the posts regarding this website like the one you are reading now.
  • Contact: All the ways you can contact the Author including a message box
  • Disclaimer: This is everything the website is not.
  • Games: Yes you can even play a game or two on this website and you will find them here.
  • South Africa: All posts with South Africa as topic will appear here.


  • Lifestyle: All topics about home, garden, food, diy and every day living are listed here.
  • Selfhelp: Everything about helping yourself, coping mechanisms you will find here.
  • Tea: We also love tea and this is the place to find posts with tea as the main topic.
  • Articles: Article posts about various topics are mostly fact based and are listed here.
  • Tips: Remember the little booklets with tips that used to be included with magazines. The posts listed here kind of follows that concept. Various topics.
  • Opinion:The posts on this page are the opinion pieces of the Author and not necessarily fact based.
  • Inspiration: Here you will find posts to inspire you.
  • Books: Book reviews, posts about reading and everything else related to books
  • Write: Posts about writing and resources
  • Forms: Free forms for you to download and use


  • Search: You can search any topic here. Type in the topic and find out if we have an article on it.
  • Mailing list: Subscribe to the Newsletter
  • Newest articles: The 5 newest posts are listed here,
  • Calendar: This calendar is two fold. It is a normal calendar and also show you on what date a new post was made. Dates with new posts are shown in blue
  • Happiness: Just a friendly Santa countdown to Christmas

Social media

There are no social media pages to join. Amanda do not participate in Social media for her websites at this time. You can however share posts to your social media accounts should you wish to do so.


This completes the Website map for the website Let’s make tea. So go ahead and explore. Lot’s of stuff to read. You are welcome to give feedback.

Amanda Spies du Plessis is the writer and owner of Let’s make tea
as well as the Afrikaans website Amandaskrywer.
Send an e-mail to amandadups(@) or go to the contact page and leave a message.

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