When children kill their family

when children kill their family

When children kill their family, other family members shake their heads in disbelieve. They were the perfect family. Loving, caring. Henri van Breda, Don Steenkamp, Lyle and Erik Menendez, Joel GuyJr. to list only a few killer children. It happens more often than we think.

Some children kill everyone in their immediate family while others kill their parents.

Mass family murderers

Henri van Breda killed his Father, Mother and brother and wounded his sister (she survived). He used an axe to kill his family. The brother was the first to be attacked while sleeping in bed. Their father went to the room after being awakened by a noise. He desperately tried to protect the brother and lay on top of him where he then also died. Then the Mother and sister were attacked.

Don Steenkamp killed his Mother, Father and sister by shooting them on their farm. He also raped his sister. A whole family wiped out in a few minutes.

They killed their parents

Lyle and Erik Menendes are well known for killing their parents allegedly for being abusive towards them.

The diabolic Joel Guy Jr. was a 30+ adult man still living with his parents. He was their only child while his Father had 3 other children from a previous marriage. He never worked and his parents was fed up with him so they decided to cut him off financially. In return, he stabbed them to death and dismembering their bodies. His Mother’s head was cut off and boiled. He even wrote a whole plan on how he was going to kill them step by step.

My opinion

When children kill their family the answer is always the same Why? It seems that money plays a role in many of these killings and also arrogance. Most of them seem self absorbed and entitled. How anyone can kill someone is beyond my understanding. Killing your own family is something I cannot understand. All families have fights – that’s normal but to kill them is betraying them and yourself. I cannot imagine the shock when your own sibling or child looks you in the eyes and kill you. Evil.

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